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Dear readers, if you are only coming across the term now, you ought to read through to the end. It is just a bit, a brief introduction. Do not worry, you will not be the only one who has not heard about radon before. But do be warned in the meantime, if you have never had a qualified health or air quality inspector, or risk manager over to your home or business to check the veracity of your indoor air, then you are more than likely sitting on the proverbial ticking time bomb otherwise known as radon.

The US Surgeon General’s office, as well as the US Environmental Protection Agency has warned many times over that this is a killer. But do not be alarmed. Because radon can be removed from your home or premises. The qualified air control inspector uses devices to first test the levels of radon in your indoor environment and then proceeds to remove it if levels of radon are extremely high.

radon machine atlanta ga

This is not a home inspection test that you can carry out on your own. This is no weekend DIY project either. Folks, this is serious. Health inspectors, quality controllers, risk managers, indoor air experts and all other related role players, men and women who take action on your behalf, will be going through updated radon machine atlanta ga specifications as provided to them by the developers of the technologies.   

Technologies have already advanced this far. One device is able to remove radon from an area as large as four thousand square feet in a matter of hours. The results are that radon readings go as low as 1 pCi/L. Perhaps now is a good time to leave you to reflect on this for a few moments before extending your online research.

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